Thanks for checking out my Parlour of Prose! Its a blog but unlike other blogs, I’m sharing mainly fiction work not my opinion or a discussion. Heaps of other sites do that!

Here you will find – poetry, thoughts and feelings, reactions, prose, short stories, rambling words and a few non-fiction magazine articles that have already been published.  My work on here is written under my name and a pseudoymn – Elena van Laack which I use for more racy or dark writing.

I started this page to share my creative writing and encourage me to write more often.

It’s a scary putting your words out in the world…what will people think? will they assume that 1st person narrative voice means its about me? Will they think its rubbish? Will anyone actually read it 😦

Reading Orah Mountain Dreamer pushed me to forget what people think. As she says in her book, ‘What we Ache For’..

‘So the next time you find yourself unable to begin, paralysed by an inner voice that says, “Who am I to write or compose or paint or dance’, you might try responding with  ‘Who am I not to create? Who am I to refuse to express the inherent creative impulse of Life lived in and through this particular human form?’

She continues to talk about the compulsive nature of creating:

  ‘We create – we write or paint or compose or choreograph, we produce scents and   sounds and tastes, images and stories and poems – in order to see who we are, what we value, and why we go on. And we are drawn again and again to create because the surprise of finding an implicit wholeness each time we engage in creative work cultivates our passion for life and brings us joy’

..some theorists say that the writer doesn’t write, the writing writes for the writer…

I’ve sometimes felt this. I start a story or poem and it comes together out of my fingers as strokes on the keyboard. It wasn’t in my mind to create a particular image or string of sentences – perhaps I knew the general situation or mood I wanted to fictionalise but sometimes what I write surprises me.

This year, my first published work – a short story called ‘Cinema Lust’  was released. Written under the pseudonymn Elena van Laack, you will find it in a Melbourne anthology called  ‘banQuet2012: a feast of new writing and art by queer women’ – www.banquetpress.com

I hope you feel a reaction to my words. Whether it’s small or significant, I hope it moves you…for me, the most amazing part of reading books, watching films, listening to music, and seeing art, is the power it has to invoke imagery and emotions…

it can inspire us to love, dance, release, confront mortality, understand ourselves and others,share love, release anger, make us cry, laugh and provide an escape or insight into another world or person’s point of view or imagination…as my fiction teacher says

‘how strange it is’!

love & words



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