a long time between drinks

‘It’s been a long time between drinks my friend how have you been?’ I ask.

‘Well, well, well look who’s back?’ You took your time’.

‘Yeah, I know, I know. Don’t be mad at me?’

‘Mad, pffff’, he says looking away, ‘Why would I be mad. I’m independent, I can take care of myself’, the screen mumbles.

‘But I see you come running back when you’re lonely and bored!’

“I’m not lonely and bored’, I explain. ‘I just saw you there on my toolbar and while I have more time on my hands, I thought I would drop in to see how you’re going’.

‘You mean you’re unemployed – again!’ the screen accuses.

I turn away from WordPress embarrassed. There are three tabs of seek.com.au open in Firefox.

‘I haven’t seen you here since August 2012! ‘How dare you leave me here alone with whinging Facebookers, unexpected porn and more and more Gen Y stories of success’!

The screen stares down at the ground like a mother waiting for an explanation from a child who got in trouble at school.

‘I just met this guy and got carried away’.

The screen doesn’t move. I hear my stomach rumble in the silence of the cold, dark study.

‘I’ve missed you’, I admit shyly.

The colours of the page flicker a brighter colour like a surge of electricity has passed through my iMac.

‘Yeah, I missed you too’, the page smiles at me.

My fingers hover over the keyboard while my eyes look at the W symbol.

I remember who I was when I last stared at this screen and how so much has changed since then.

haych 17/3/14