Sitting in a park at 5am

So here I am looking like I just got home from a niteclub, sitting in a park at 5.27am on a Thursday morning in North Fitzroy. I haven’t been up this early for many months. The last time is hard to remember. For a flight at the end of last year. That makes me feel lazy. It reminded me of starting work at 6am in 2008, when I worked at Perisher. Now that was cold. So was Canberra. It is 7 degrees. Mild really. I remember walking around Canberra at night in colder temps.
There is something really peaceful about the early hours of the morning when its dark. It’s like having the world to yourself. You get to see the world and city come alive.

I am super early. Better than being late I guess, except people might think I’m here to get late night trade. Only a woman would worry about this, I doubt its something that ever enters a man’s mind. I should ask them one day. I hate worrying about what they think.

Right about now, there are two things I wish I had: a car to sit in to keep me warm and less exposed and a coffee. It’s kind of the thing to do this early in the morning…drink warm awesome Melbourne coffee. After 4 weeks of giving it up, I still crave it.

So what am I doing here, sitting in a park with green and peppermint tea looking like an 80’s chick 22 days before my 40th birthday. It seems like I’m counting, I’m not actually. I have had a casting call back for a new ABC TV series. They are looking for an 80’s girls and guys. Maybe my wild hair will bring me fortune and money. Except for today’s work I am already at a loss-the can fare to get here has cost me more than one hour of work.

I can see the unit vans near the side of the park but I don’t see many people. hope more extras turn up. Surely I am not the only extra. I feel a bit awkward.

The city is coming alive. More cars are on the road, the trams have started, its getting noisier. A morning walker crosses the street getting exercise before hitting the office. The moon is half crescent and the wind is light. I am colder now than when I first got here. One hand is gloved and my legs ate toasty from my new cycling gloves.

Call time was 6am. I thought there would be a swarm of extras like at the photo session – no-one else is here. It should be fun after I work out when to walk over there. I felt relief seeing another film unit truck turn wasn’t, it turned around.

Ok, 2 minutes to 6. I have to go over there, soon. Here goes. Chookas!


Film scene ideas

Sometimes I get visions of what I think would be great scenes for films. I had one today – its fun – it keeps me entertained and present. I like to imagine being the director on a film set.  Sometimes, I also imagine that I am the actor and the scenes are what is happening to me. I guess it’s wishful thinking. I like thinking about actions of romantic love and what would make an audience feel love and drawn to watch a film. They are also dreams of what I would love happen to me and what I would do for someone I love, if I was chasing someone. Which I don’t do…anymore. Anyways…

The scene I thought of today was a woman riding her bicycle along the right hand side foot path of Flinders Street in Melbourne. She is on her way to an appointment. She is not late but not early so she is riding at a reasonable pace. She is fit and agile on her bike and singing along to music on her ipod. Her mind is focused on the music and watching traffic and pedestrians. Her mood is light and joyous. She is having a great time and the drivers and passengers in cars around her notice her joyous spirit and can’t help but smirk and smile at her risky moves maneouvring her bike through pedestrians. She is in her own space and not paying attention to anyone around her.
Unbeknown to her, someone is following her. The audience can see another woman on a bicycle riding in the same direction as her but on the left hand side on the road. The woman’s mood looks frantic. She is riding very fast and weaves in and out of the traffic impatiently. She looks eager to get somewhere. Like the other woman she is agile on  her bike but not as fit. She is trying to catch up to the woman on the road bike.


to be continued…:)