Twenty or so things I’m glad I’ve done in life

  • 23. Worked a ski season
  • 22. Started meditating
  • 21. Meeting and dancing with Tricky
  • 20. Attended all the festivals, niteclubs, bands, DJs; club nights that I have and I should have done more, especially the ones I regret seeing..Lucy (DJ), Lamb, years ago Splendour in the Grass but I’m over that one.
  • 19. Learnt to snowboard
  • 18. Bought a road bike
  • 17. Owned a  European car with a sunroof that I got up to 170kmh on a highway near NSW/Vic border and scared the crap out of my brother
  • 16. Wrote a short story & was brave enough to get it published
  • 15. Travelled, particularly Spain & Vietnam
  • 14. Completed a Masters degree when I wanted to throw it in and was unhappy where I was living
  • 13. Marched in mardi gras parade
  • 12. Attended Amsterdam gay pride canal parade. There are a few stand out parties, but this one gets special mention because I never imagined going & I was lucky to be on a boat with crazy dutch house & an awesome group of Dutch chicks. It was an amazing weekend.
  • 11. Seeing Bat for Lashes at Sydney Opera House in 2011. It stands out because their music is amazing, the venue was magic and Natasha Khan’s voice is sublime.
  • 10. Another special mention, finally after so many years singing her songs, seeing Sinead O’Connor live at Sydney State Theatre. I had goosebumps before she came on stage, I cried, I sang every word I knew and I clapped so hard it hurt my hands. If I died that night, I would have been very happy. She looked awful and had a croaky voice and she was still amazing.
  • 9. Performing in a women’s circus show. One reason I moved back to Melbourne was to join. Doing the show was a nervous experience but I grew a lot from it.
  • 8. Doing a professional photo shoot – for fun and memories. Can’t wait to do one with my soulmate.
  • 7. Lived in all east coast cities in Australia, including Canberra. It was hard sometimes, lonely and unsettlingly but I know where I want to live, met interesting people and had excellent experiences. And I learnt how to entertain myself away from niteclub life.
  • 6. Playing softball at the Gay Games in Cologne in 2010
  • 5. Having sex with women
  • 4. Gaining control of drinking
  • 3. Doing a headstand without a spotter and support
  • 2. Give up smoking. I never thought I would say that and it’s why I can’t relax. It will be 8 years on September 13th 2012, that I last puffed on a smoke. I don’t smoke anything. I hate pot and generally if someone tells me they do, my opinion of them drops very very low.
  • 1. ???



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