Watching over me


You take me in when I am lost

You shelter me from the world

You share your deepest thoughts

With you I feel at home


Your eyes sparkle like sunlight on a lake

You’re excited like a little boy

You caress my body with your gaze

It makes me tremble and shake


You wait for me to fall asleep

To watch me in the dark

You think I don’t know

But even as I sleep

I feel the stare of your love


It is beautiful how you look over me

Like hugging without touching

I hear you tip toe away

Wishing you would stay


We are soul mates you and me

A cliché but it is true

I know you inside and out

I wish you weren’t so scared


You do not want me as I do you

I wish it could be different

Maybe one day we will be true

words – Helen Stevens

lyrics editor – Nicole Stevens

©Copyright – 2010 Helen Stevens