Hung out to dry

Verse 1

I hear your voice

It’s my favourite sound

I have missed you

And I’m glad to see you around

Verse 2

I put too much pressure onto you

I can’t help being so expressive

Sometimes I don’t think before I speak

I can’t stay away from you for one more week


Without you I will collapse

Please pick me up and

Put me back

I don’t want to be

Hung out to dry

I don’t want to be

Crying with these eyes

Verse 3

I didn’t mean to drain you

Just hold me and stay

I didn’t mean to hate you

I don’t want to be pointing the blame again it’s just a game


It’s hit me like no other drug

You’re not meant to be

Sleeping next to me

words – Helen Stevens

lyrics editor – Nicole Stevens

© copyright Helen L Stevens 2011